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CZ Government elections 2021

In order to have better (visual) idea of government elections in the Czech republic I created very simple Power BI report that is connected to the XML feed of the Czech statistical bureau.

Women in parliaments

How many women are in parliaments? Week 30 of the #makeoverMonday focused on number of women in parliaments. Historically, ~1 of 10 parliament members was a woman. As of 2019 the situation got a little bit more diverse with almost every 4th parliament member being a woman. Despite the fact that few countries did a …

Penguins infographics

Can you differentiate between penguin species? 🐧 Wait, what? Well, for the week 28 of #makeovermonday we got penguin species dataset with attributes like bill depth and length, body mass and flippers length. I analysed data a bit and the result (and my first ever attempt for the #makeoverMonday) you can see below. As we …

Czech trade authority analysis

Part of the Power BI task for Data Science & Business intelligence Academy VŠE. The task was to create Power BI dashboard using czech open data. We created Power BI dashboard analysing counterfeit findings of Czech trade authority. Dashboard shows data from Czech Trade Inspection Authority and informs about counterfeit products found in the Czech …