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Forbes Billionaires analysis

In this analysis I took a look at the Forbes Billionaires over the past 10 years. Most of the Billionaires are Men from USA, aged 50-80 from Finance sector. During the past 10 years only Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were able to remain in the top 5. From the technical perspective I had to …

Deadly car accidents in the Czech republic

Final (and winner) team project at the Data Science & Business intelligence Academy VŠE 2019/2020. Our task was to find some open data, clean them, develop a classification or regression model, tune it, and interpret it. We selected public data from the Czech police. Used the last 12 years. Merged all the files together (14 …

ATP players analysis

Because I started playing tennis recently I was interested in the best table tennis players characteristics. So I did sort of very basic EDA on historic ATP players dataset. For the code and findings check out Kaggle notebook: < Back