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S3 web browser

I was tired of using the aws cli to browse through S3 buckets and using the AWS console is not very friendly so I developed my own web file-browser for S3 storage.S3 Web Browser is a Flask-based web application that allows users to browse AWS S3 buckets and their contents via a simple web interface. …

Python Code Quality – online course

I created online course focused on code quality in Python projects. I cover several topics like formatting, linting, type annotations, code security, performance, complexity etc. I present the topic in theoretical way and then I also showcase the code and specific tools. Find all my online courses at https://skillmea.sk/kanaly/roman-zydyk/online-kurzy

Azure cloud – online course

I created an online on-demand course focusing on Azure cloud basics. Firstly it covers basic theory of cloud computing and cloud services and then it moves on to Azure services. This part introduces Azure services divided into 21 categories where each category consists of multiple specific services. Each service is described briefly and in some …

Fakturační aplikace

Excel/VBA application. Invoicing and tax app. You can create invoices, print, send, save them and in the end also create tax reports for tax authorities. Everything simply on few clicks. Also implemented automatic info completion from ARES registry.

Aplikace pro správu sportovního týmu

Google Sheets app. I created for my table tennis team simple management app. We can see different teams and its players, matches, scores and other statistics. There is also component for the training session so we know how many people and when are going to come. Also discussion sheet created so we can chat (for …