Roman Zydyk

I am data and IT enthusiast who particularly enjoy working with data - getting them, transforming, visualizing and doing some analytics. So far I have been working more on the Business intelligence side (reporting), however I am aiming to dive more into Data science field. Coding which is very often also part of the data wrangling process is another thing I love to do - especially using Python. Because data analytics process could be challenging sometimes I like to automate as much as possible and for that purpose I used mainly Alteryx, Python, VBA and Google Apps Script. As a side projects I also created a few websites using Wordpress, Javascript, CSS and worked with basic SEO. Freelancing as an Excel/VBA developer and sometimes also lecturing basics of Tableau, PowerBI or Alteryx. Except IT I am into racket sports - especially table tennis, tennis and badminton and financial markets.

#dataScience, #dataVisualization, #businessIntelligence, #Python, #Tableau, #PowerBI, #Alteryx

Roman Zydyk

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ML & Other techniques

I am familiar with practical fundamentals of basic machine learning like Classification, Regression and Clustering and concepts like EDA, feature engineering, model validation and hyperparameter tuning.

As of other techniques – I tried some OCR (python tesseract + OpenCV), performed RFM and market-basket analysis, web-scraping and web app development.

Theoretical knowledge – time series (seasonality + forecasting), basics of neural networks, PCA and deep learning (Keras).


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Consultation, data analysis, data visualization, business intelligence, data science, machine learning, Python, Tableau, Power BI, Alteryx, Websites, Wordpress, Table Tennis, Financial markets...

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